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KOYOTO K-126 Neck Stretcher
MYR 46.90 MYR 95.00
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Relieves chronic neck pain

Restores proper cervical curvature

Relaxes and rejuvenates stiff neck

All too often nowadays, using a smart phone daily is the main reason that causes cervical neck pain. And most people work with computers, which can also lead to neck muscle tension and stiffness.


The KOYOTO K-126 Neck Stretcher perfectly matches with the human cervical spine, helps support the cervical vertebra in the correct position, effectively relieving neck pain and fatigue.


Our cervical traction device helps you rest in comfort for a few minutes and release stress and muscle tension, accurately aligning your cervical spine.


The KOYOTO K-126 Neck Stretcher comes with 10 magnetic knobs across the arch panel, providing an acupuncture effect by deeply target specific pressure points in order to relieve tension on the neck and shoulders simultaneously.



This Neck Stretcher has 3 settings of height adjustment. The taller the setting, the stronger the stretch. To provide the most effective pain relief, set the KOYOTO Neck Stretcher to the highest level that you are comfortable with.


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